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All major manufacturers are connected, keeping new saddles up to date!

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Search for saddles using the serial number, keep them safe!

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Do you know which saddle you want more information about? It is easy! Enter the full ID number of the saddle, including spaces and press search!

Have you bought a saddle that doesn’t exist in the registry? No problem, you can easily register your existing saddles and you get the same security as everyone else!

Stealing Registration
If you are the victim of a burglary? Don’t forget to report your saddle as stolen! This makes it more difficult for the thieves to sell it further! It’s also important to prove to your insurance company that it was your saddle that was stolen!

Welcome to Sellamigo!

The idea of Sellamigo started when I worked in a store called Charlies in Sweden to sell saddles. I often met customers who had lost their saddles through theft and no one had a real solution to stopping the thieves.

Different solutions passed the market without giving any results, and that was when the thought struck me, "if I only could search for a saddle in a register to see the right owner" and it was at that time Sellamigo started to develop.

It’s now about a year since the idea began to evolve and with the help of my fellow workers we have developed a service that is mainly for saddle owners to prevent theft and to find information about the saddle that you own but the service also has other uses for saddle makers, dealers, insurance companies and the police.

For us it is important to do something important and that makes a difference! We want to stop the saddle thefts.

Karolina Malmlöv

What's on Sellamigo?

Search for a saddle ID number
At Sellamigo you can search on the ID number on a saddle to see if it’s stolen. You can also see other information about the saddle like any brand and model.

Are you going to sell your saddle? Then you easily make a change of ownership.

Why should your saddle be registered?
We want to stop thefts of saddles going on and we must do this together! Therefore, you can easily mark your saddle as stolen and it will be much more difficult for the thieves to sell it further.

What people are saying...

Anders P.

"This is fantastic! Thanks so much guys!"

Maja Bogren

"This made my life so much easier!"

Melanie D.

"Thanks so much for making this service available to us!"

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